GrowCommerce is Changing the Ratio of Women Speakers

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Tech isn’t immune to the diversity issue. In recent years, the industry has endured a huge outcry about its underrepresentation of women in leadership roles and as speakers at tech conferences. Based on a 2015 study conducted by Startups + Venture Capital, women represent only ~25% speakers of tech conferences speakers — this is a huge problem, one that GrowCommerce is committed to addressing.

We believe visibility gives rise to opportunity. If we want to see more diverse leadership overall in the tech industry, we must start by offering more diverse voices and perspectives at high-visibility events. At GrowCommerce, we’re helping by changing the ratio of women speakers.

Recognizing the numerous trailblazing women in retail and ecommerce, our program showcases as many of them as possible. We’re proud to announce that women represent 43% of our speakers and 50% of our keynotes at this year’s GrowCommerce on Thursday, July 20th.

Some of these amazing women speakers include:

– Miki Berardelli, CEO of KidBox

– Dana Telsey, CEO & Chief Research Officer at Telsey Advisory Group

– Prama Bhatt, VP of Ecommerce at Ulta

– Sarah Dorsett, VP Ecommerce at Century21

– Bree Casart, VP, eCommerce & Digital Marketing at West Elm

– Callie Canfield Worthington, Senior Director of Global Marketing Communications at David’s Bridal

– Cathy Beaupain, President at Dermstore (Target Corporation)

– Andrea Wasserman, Founder of Box The Party

– Julie Daly, VP Digital Commerce at Ashley Stewart

– Jessica Jacobs, Director of Marketing at Wayfair

– Nilofer Vahora, VP Licensing & Innovation at Rebecca Minkoff

– Sarah Henry, Sr Director, Channel Marketing Strategy at The Vitamin Shoppe

– Shawna Hausman, EVP, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing at MISSION

– Amy Africa, CEO at Eight by Eight

– Emily Hickey, Co-Founder of

– Melissa Grillo Aruz, VP Platform at Forerunner Ventures

Truthfully, getting our speaker ratio to 43% women was harder than we thought. Most of our sponsors submitted male speakers. Plus, the high demand of the most senior female execs in retail made the recruiting process even more challenging, requiring us to reach out to more than 2X as many women as men.

While we know we still need seven percentage points to close the gender gap, we’re thrilled and honored to have such a strong showing of female speakers at our show. We hope you enjoy the lineup as much as we do, and we would love your recommendations for women to include at next year’s event.